How to Tap China’s Super Spending Women

Shaun Rein says:
My firm recently interviewed peasants who had moved to Beijing and Shanghai. Nearly 80 percent of the women reported earning more than husbands. Common jobs for uneducated women – maids, foot masseuse – often pay $300-$400 a month while typically male jobs like construction pay falls in the $150 to $200 realm. Shifting earning power is altering family dynamics.
Just three years ago, most internal migrants left children at home to be raised by grandparents. Now, 10 percent of the respondents told us that the men had already returned home to be near children and many would consider doing so because urban salaries were not much higher than those at home.
With urbanization rates hitting 50 percent this year for the first time, up from 30 percent a decade ago, and as China’s manufacturing shifts away from labor intensive industries to automated, more women will become empowered.
Understanding how rising Chinese women think and what they want will be critical for brand managers selling to them. Women’s biggest concern our research suggests is product safety.
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