Fall in student numbers in China hits universities

Shanghai Daily says:
IT might have been hard for Chinese universities, after a decade of soaring enrollment and millions of candidates fighting for places via make-or-break exams, to foresee a day when they might have to fight to survive.

That day, however, may have arrived.

About 9.33 million students have registered to take the annual national college entrance exams, or gaokao, which start today. That's 240,000 fewer than last year's figure and represents the third straight year of decline.

Ma Yan, a senior consultant for MyCos, a Beijing-based higher education consulting firm, said: "The decline is mainly due to the shrinking number of high school students, which is a result of decreased birth rates caused by China's one-child policy.

Ma said the downward trend in enrollment may last until 2018.

Chinese students usually take entrance exams at the age of 18 after 12 years of primary and middle school education.
Read more: http://www.shanghaidaily.com/nsp/National/2011/06/07/Fall%2Bin%2Bstudent%2Bnumbers%2Bhits%2Buniversities/


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