Western Graduates Head To China for Internships

The WSJ says:
In a crowded job market, having work experience in China on your résumé can make a big difference.
Recent graduates in industries from engineering to finance in both Europe and the U.S. are making their way to the country, hoping to land their first jobs faster and more easily than their competitors.
Lesmes Gutiérrez, a 23-year-old engineering graduate of Loughborough University in the U.K., who had a two-week placement with Baoshang Bank in Beijing late last year, says potential employers are more impressed with those who can demonstrate a willingness to move out of their comfort zone. "It's quite a big step to go somewhere not knowing what to expect. The idea of going to China calls for awareness and the willingness to relocate," which could be appealing to employers, he says.
And he's not the only one to have spotted the competitive advantage work experience in China may bring. Applications for internships there have more than tripled over the past couple of years, according to figures released by CRCC Asia, a London-based recruitment consultancy.
In 2009, the company received about 250 applications, compared with more than 1,000 so far this year, says CRCC Asia Director Daniel Nivern. "The Chinese economy is booming and it's very appealing for graduates to get an insight as to why that's happening by visiting [the country]. With the job market depressed in the U.K. and the U.S., China offers a great opportunity to get a long-term career," he says.
He says China has also come into focus for Western companies looking to grow. "A lot of businesses realize that if they want to be part of the global economy, they need to be going into China," adds Mr. Nivern, whose company has mostly placed recent graduates from the U.K. and the U.S., but also from other European countries like Spain, in finance, marketing and legal firms in China.
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