China Fines Unilever For Mentioning Price Increase

Dan Harris says:
As long time readers of this blog know, one of our consistent themes has always been that foreign companies in China should not expect to be treated the same as Chinese domestic companies, no matter what the laws may say. The reality (not just in China) is that it is usually good politics to go after foreign companies and it is usually bad politics to go after domestic companies. The reality also is that when a large number of citizens have a particular problem, it is very good politics for the government to show that it is trying to solve it.
Right now, inflation is a big issue/problem for China's citizens and last week China went after a foreign company to show that it is trying to solve it. And in an article, entitled, "Unilever gets mouth washed out for remark," the China Daily wants to let the world (or at least China's own citizens) know about it:
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